Other Projects

Primitiv Parkour

Founder, Head Coach

I founded Primitiv Parkour in July of 2017 as a way to pursue my passion for fitness and the parkour community. I wanted to bring the discipline of parkour to the Fairfield County region and help others to develop their abilities of overcoming obstacles, both physically and mentally, through movement. My hope is to develop a strong, welcoming parkour community by bringing practitioners together through progression, creativity, and challenge.

I hold classes every Sunday for all ages and all ability levels. I also manage a few assistant coaches, who help me with classes as needed. I developed a series of lesson plans and structure class goals based on the needs of the students who attend. I am continuously striving to improve my own personal parkour abilities as well as always encouraging my own students to push themselves to their limits safely.

Colony Alpha

Gameplay Designer and Strategist, Staff Member

I worked as a staff member for a live action roleplaying game called Colony Alpha. Colony Alpha is a game that takes place over the course of the weekend at a campground, and is set in a science fiction theme. The game encourages its participants to show up in costume and roleplay as their character, solving various puzzles, random encounters, and combat scenarios using their physical and in-game abilties as well as mental cunning and prowess.

I helped to develop the rules and structure around gameplay, including helping to develop the Hacking system and Crafting systems. I met weekly with fellow staff members as we brainstormed how to improve the game, came up with creative new ideas and encounters for the game, and figured out the most efficient ways to implement our ideas.

Find out more at ColonyAlpha.com